If the body is not in balance, it is unable to do it’s own healing in an efficient manner.  It can be baffling, trying to clarify what stops us operating at our optimum state of well being.

Kinesiology is a non-invasive treatment, using muscle testing to access quickly and accurately the stressors that we carry, be they allergy reactions, structural problems, emotional blocks or indeed any circumstance that stops us moving forward.

ElisewithclientTogether client and practitioner can tailor a solution, individually designed to suit the needs of the client.  This enables the underlying issues to be addressed (rather than just dealing with the symptoms) to allow real and lasting change.

Elise is a Registered Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner and brings all her therapeutic skills and experience to bear, to gently support you in this dynamic healing process.

“Kinesiology is a wonderful tool to help get rid of old habits or thinking patterns that hold you back in life. Elise has done a great job in helping me re-programme some of my old thinking patterns, that have not served me, into new positive ones. I now see things from a different perspective and my physical body has reaped the rewards too. Some of my aches and pains that were connected to old destructive beliefs have gone due to my more positive approach towards life.” Rita Ioannou