Elise runs a series of Thursday night courses on a variety of topics:

Time & Date:    6.30—9.30pm, 3rd Thurs of every month

Cost:    $75.00; includes all materials & notes

Venue:    Melbourne Breathwork Centre

172 Noone Street, Clifton Hill



for the


an introduction to Aromatherapy

Join Elise Scully, aromatherapist, as she reveals how you can use oils every day for both health and pleasure.


  •  the uses of 10 essential oils
  •  how to use a burner, make aromatic baths, hot and cold compresses, aromatic sprays, aromatic creams, massage blends and more
  •  how to blend oils for pleasing fragrance and soothing effect
  •  what to look for when buying oils
  •  the difference between a fragrant and an essential oil
  •  how essential oils are made
  •  when oils are not safe to be used


Are you interested in a career in Kinesiology?

Would you like a better understanding of what goes on in your Kinesiology sessions?

Would you like to support yourself, family and friends in achieving an optimum state of emotional and physical well-being?


Touch for Health

Devised in the early ‘70’s as the first kinesiology course available to the layperson, the Touch for Health synthesis offers simple techniques which are easily learned and applied, even by someone with no prior knowledge of Kinesiology.

Join Elise Scully, Kinesiologist and Aromatherapist, as she shares her passion for teaching this powerful work.  Learn in a relaxed environment in a fun way, designed to best suit your personal learning style.


  • The 14 Muscle Goal Balance
  • Simple Pain Relief Techniques
  • Chinese Meridian System
  • Muscle Testing, Food & Sensitivity Testing
  • Auricular and Visual Balancing
  • Simple and quick “Switching On” Exercises         and more