Thursday Seminars: Colds & ‘Flu

colds-and-fluPlagued by colds during winter?

Do you and your family suffer frequent colds and ‘flu during winter?

Does a blocked nose and laboured breathing disturb your sleep?

Would winter be easier if it didn’t come with colds?

For many, winter can be a time of one sickness after another.  It doesn’t have to be like that!

Join Elise Scully, Kinesiologist and Aromatherapist as we investigate the causes of colds and ’flu, discuss how to treat symptoms and how to boost your immune system to improve resilience.

This informative and fun evening will look at:

  • The causes of colds and ‘flu
  • Herbs and essential oils to aid in treatment of symptoms as well as boosting the immune system generally
  • Techniques to promote health and vitality

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